Lot area and dimen­sions shall con­form to the require­ments of the applic­a­ble dis­trict of the Zon­ing Code.

(A) The lot arrange­ment and design shall be such that all lots will pro­vide sat­is­fac­to­ry and desir­able build­ing sites, prop­er­ly relat­ed to topog­ra­phy and the char­ac­ter of sur­round­ing devel­op­ment.  (See Fig­ures One and Two)

(B) All side lines of lots shall be at right angles to straight street right‑of‑way lines and radi­al to curved street right‑of‑way lines, except where a vari­a­tion of this rule will pro­vide a bet­ter street and lot design.

(C) All rem­nants of lots below min­i­mum lot area size left over after sub­di­vid­ing a larg­er tract shall be added to adja­cent lots, rather than allow­ing to remain as unus­able land.

(D) Lots which can­not be served by either a pub­lic or pri­vate san­i­tary sew­er or a pub­lic water sys­tem, shall com­ply with the applic­a­ble pro­vi­sions of the Coun­ty Zon­ing Code.

(E) Lots with dou­ble frontage should be avoid­ed where pos­si­ble.  Cor­ner lots and lots with dou­ble frontage shall have extra dimen­sion suf­fi­cient to per­mit the estab­lish­ment of front build­ing or set­back lines on the adjoin­ing streets.

(F) The sub­di­vid­ing of the land shall be such as to pro­vide drainage away from build­ing locations.

(G) In the sub­di­vid­ing of any land, due regard shall be shown for all nat­ur­al fea­tures, such as tree growth, wet­lands, steep slopes, water cours­es, his­toric spots, or sim­i­lar con­di­tions, and plans adjust­ed to pre­serve those which will add attrac­tive­ness, safe­ty and sta­bil­i­ty to the pro­posed devel­op­ment.  (See Fig­ures One and Two)