Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

34‑5‑16 Individual Swage Disposal Systems

All individual sewage systems shall be designed and installed in accordance with the current regulations of the Illinois Department of Public Health and the County Health Department or their successor.  Subdivider shall at time of submitting the Preliminary Plat make application to the Bi‑County Health Department for approval of the method proposed for sewage disposal on each individual lot.

(A) For subsurface seepage systems the developer must demonstrate, by furnishing percolation tests and soil survey data that the proposed systems would function properly at the locations proposed.

(B) For surface discharge systems, the developer shall submit as part of the site drainage study report a discharge location proposal for each lot. Copy of the drainage study report is to be submitted to the County Health Department or their successor at the time the application for approval of sewage disposal system(s) is made.

(C) Any subdivision allowing use of aerobic disposal systems, shall as part of the protective covenants for the subdivision, require that a maintenance agreement contract on the system be mandatory.  The maintenance agreement must comply with regulations set forth in the Illinois Department of Public Health Private Sewage Disposal Code and the Union County Sewage Code and provide for a minimum of one (1) documented inspection every twelve (12) months by a qualified company.

(D) The Preliminary Plat shall not be approved by the County Board until the Health Department’s written approval of the developers sewage disposal proposal is obtained from the Health Department Administrator. 

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