Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

34‑5‑2 Street Planning

The arrangement, character, extent, width and location of all streets shall be considered in their relation to existing and planned streets, to reasonable circulation of traffic, to topographic conditions, to runoff of storm water, to public convenience and safety, and in their appropriate relation to the proposed uses of the land to be served by such streets. Wherever possible and necessary, the arrangement of streets in new subdivisions shall provide for the continuation of existing streets in adjoining areas. Where adjoining unsubdivided areas may be subdivided, the arrangement of streets in a new subdivision shall make provision for the proper projection of streets into adjoining areas by carrying the new streets to the boundaries of the new subdivision at appropriate locations. No building shall be allowed in areas within a projected street continuation. In no case shall land be subdivided in such a manner that adjoining property be denied access.

(A) Extensions of Streets.  Where subdivision streets or rights‑of‑way are continuations or extensions of existing streets or rights‑of‑way, the width thereof shall be of the same or greater width as the existing street or right‑of‑way except that in no case shall the street or right‑of‑way in the subdivision be of less width than the minimum as provided herein.  Dedication of half or portions of a street shall be discouraged, but may be permitted whenever there is no other logical method of platting.  Reserve strips, of any type, shall not be allowed.

(B) Frequency of Street Access.  Land access roads and private drives onto a township road, county road or state highway shall not be closer than one‑eighth (1/8) mile (660 feet). 

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