All sub­di­vi­sions shall be planned, designed, con­struct­ed and main­tained so that:

(A) Exist­ing healthy trees and native veg­e­ta­tion on the site are pre­served to the max­i­mum extent fea­si­ble and are pro­tect­ed by ade­quate means dur­ing construction.

(B) Exist­ing native veg­e­ta­tion is not dis­turbed, injured or removed pri­or to site devel­op­ment, except to the extent necessary.

(C) Fol­low­ing con­struc­tion, veg­e­ta­tion suit­able to the site is plant­ed. Mul­ti­ple vari­eties should be used alter­nate­ly.  Trees should be plant­ed at inter­vals of at least one (1)every six­ty (60) feet and at a dis­tance of at least six (6) feet out­side of the road right-of-way.  No tree shall be plant­ed with­in the road right-of-way.

(D) Exist­ing trees are pre­served with­in any right‑of‑way when such trees are suit­ably locat­ed, healthy, and when approved grad­ing allows.

(E) No branch­es, dead trees, or uproot­ed stumps remain after development.