The fol­low­ing require­ments shall also be met when plan­ning the street network:

(A) Streets shall inter­sect, as near­ly as pos­si­ble, at right angles.

(B) Land access street curb inter­sec­tions shall be round­ed by radii of at least fif­teen (15) feet; inter­sec­tions involv­ing col­lec­tor streets shall have radii of not less than twenty‑five (25) feet.

(C) Street jogs with cen­ter line off­sets of less than one hun­dred twenty‑five (125) feet are pro­hib­it­ed.

(D) “Unless topog­ra­phy indi­cates a need for a greater length, dead‑end streets, designed to be so per­ma­nent­ly, shall be no longer than five hun­dred (500) feet and shall ter­mi­nate a cir­cu­lar open space hav­ing a radius at the out­side of the pave­ment of at least fifty (50) feet and a diam­e­ter at the out­side of the right‑of‑way of at least one hun­dred twen­ty (120) feet.  This length may be increased where topog­ra­phy or exist­ing con­di­tions pro­hib­it a rea­son­able connection.”

(E) Land access streets shall be designed so as to dis­cour­age through traffic.

(F) No land access street shall be in excess of ten per­cent (10%) grade and no col­lec­tor street grade shall be in excess of eight per­cent (8%) grade, except as oth­er­wise approved by the Plan­ning Com­mis­sion due to adverse topo­graph­ic con­di­tions.  For ade­quate drainage, the min­i­mum grade of any new street shall not be less than one‑half (1/2) of one per­cent (1%).

(G) The Plan­ning Com­mis­sion shall not approve streets which will be sub­ject to fre­quent inun­da­tion or flooding.

(H) Alleys shall be avoid­ed in single‑family and two­-fam­i­­ly dis­tricts; how­ev­er, alleys may be required in mul­ti­­ple­-fam­i­­ly dis­tricts and com­mer­cial or indus­tri­al dis­tricts unless oth­er def­i­nite and assured pro­vi­sion is made for ser­vice access, such as off‑street load­ing, unload­ing and park­ing, con­sis­tent and ade­quate for the use proposed.

(I) Dead‑end alleys shall not be per­mit­ted, except where pro­vid­ed with ade­quate turn‑around facil­i­ties at the dead‑end, or where such dead‑end alleys pro­vide the only access to off‑street park­ing or load­ing spaces.

(J) Alleys, where pro­vid­ed, shall have a right‑of‑way of not less than twen­ty (20) feet.

(K) Inter­sec­tion of more than two (2) streets at one (1) point shall be prohibited.

(L) Where sub­di­vi­sion abuts on or con­tains an exist­ing or pro­posed area ser­vice high­way, the Plan­ning Com­mis­sion may require that mar­gin­al access streets be pro­vid­ed in order that no lots front on such exist­ing or pro­posed area ser­vice highway.

(M) Wher­ev­er the Illi­nois Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion or the Coun­ty of Union has gone on record as desir­ing the relo­ca­tion and/or the con­struc­tion of a new high­way or when­ev­er a munic­i­pal­i­ty has duly record­ed with the Coun­ty a com­pre­hen­sive plan and/or adopt­ed an offi­cial map defin­ing the loca­tion of streets, the sub­di­vider shall reserve rights‑of‑way for the align­ments and widths as pre­scribed by the appro­pri­ate juris­dic­tion­al agency.