The fol­low­ing shall be the min­i­mum rights‑of‑way and sur­face width require­ments pro­vid­ed under the terms of this Code; how­ev­er, the Plan­ning Com­mis­sion may increase street rights‑of‑way because of lim­i­ta­tions imposed by topog­ra­phy and/or oth­er phys­i­cal fac­tors and spe­cif­ic design requirements.

Street Clas­si­fi­ca­tion -> Sur­face (A) -> Right‑of‑way

AreaSer­vice High­way -> (B) -> (B)

Col­lec­tor -> (B) -> (B)

Land Access Street:

Park­ing one Side -> 32 ft. -> 42 ft. (C)

Park­ing Both Sides -> 40 ft. -> 50 ft. (C)

No Park­ing (D -> 24 ft. -> 40 ft. (C)

Illi­nois Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion Specifications

(A) Mea­sured from the back of the curb to the back of the curb.

(B) The Coun­ty Engi­neer shall be con­sult­ed for design and con­struc­tion stan­dards per­tain­ing to Area Ser­vice High­ways and Col­lec­tor Streets.

(C) If side­walks are required on one (1) side, add four (4) feet and if side­walks are required on both sides, add eight (8) feet to right‑of‑way requirements.

(D) This pave­ment and right‑of‑way width will only be allowed in areas hav­ing a den­si­ty less than one (1) dwelling unit per net acre and pro­vid­ing at least four (4)off‑street park­ing spaces per dwelling unit.  A twenty‑eight (28) foot roadbed must be pro­vid­ed; this will allow four (4) foot shoul­ders on each side of the pave­ment.  The admin­is­tra­tive offi­cer may also waive curb and gut­ter require­ments.