Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

34‑5‑5 Right-of-Way and Surface Width Requirements

The following shall be the minimum rights‑of‑way and surface width requirements provided under the terms of this Code; however, the Planning Commission may increase street rights‑of‑way because of limitations imposed by topography and/or other physical factors and specific design requirements.

Street Classification -> Surface (A) -> Right‑of‑way

AreaService Highway -> (B) -> (B)

Collector -> (B) -> (B)

Land Access Street:

Parking one Side -> 32 ft. -> 42 ft. (C)

Parking Both Sides -> 40 ft. -> 50 ft. (C)

No Parking (D -> 24 ft. -> 40 ft. (C)

Illinois Department of Transportation Specifications

(A) Measured from the back of the curb to the back of the curb.

(B) The County Engineer shall be consulted for design and construction standards pertaining to Area Service Highways and Collector Streets.

(C) If sidewalks are required on one (1) side, add four (4) feet and if sidewalks are required on both sides, add eight (8) feet to right‑of‑way requirements.

(D) This pavement and right‑of‑way width will only be allowed in areas having a density less than one (1) dwelling unit per net acre and providing at least four (4)off‑street parking spaces per dwelling unit.  A twenty‑eight (28) foot roadbed must be provided; this will allow four (4) foot shoulders on each side of the pavement.  The administrative officer may also waive curb and gutter requirements. 

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