Util­i­ty and street improve­ments shall be pro­vid­ed by the sub­di­vider in each new sub­di­vi­sion in accor­dance with the stan­dards and require­ments described in the fol­low­ing Sec­tion. The require­ments set forth below shall be con­sid­ered as min­i­mum require­ments and noth­ing con­tained here­in shall be con­strued to mean that the sub­di­vider can­not con­struct or pro­vide improve­ments of a high­er type.

No final plat shall be approved unless:

  1. the improve­ments required in this Arti­cle have been com­plet­ed and approved pri­or to such approval, or
  2. the sub­di­vider shall file a per­for­mance guar­an­tee or bond as pro­vid­ed in Sec­tion 34‑6–16.2.