Side­walks, if pro­vid­ed, shall be of Port­land cement con­crete, with a min­i­mum thick­ness of four (4) inch­es and a min­i­mum width of four (4) feet.

(A) All walks shall be con­struct­ed at a grade no steep­er than ten per­cent (10%), unless steps of ade­quate design with handrails are pro­vid­ed and approved by the Coun­ty Engineer.

(B) Non‑residential side­walks with­in the non‑residential site shall be con­crete, four (4) inch­es thick and six (6) feet in width, except at dri­ve­ways where thick­ness shall be approved by the Coun­ty Engi­neer and shall be ade­quate for the intend­ed use.

(C) Side­walks shall be pro­vid­ed with num­ber six (6) rein­forc­ing mesh across the entire width and breadth of dri­ve­way aprons or the con­crete shall be at least six (6) inch­es in thick­ness.