Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

34‑6‑3 Street Improvements

All streets shall be constructed as hereinafter provided:

(A) All new roadways within a subdivision shall be designed and constructed according to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s “Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction” (hereinafter referred to as the Standard Specifications) and the accompanying “Highway Standards” manual, which are in effect at the time the improvement plans are submitted for approval.

(B) Grading Roadway and Side Slope.  The width of all street surfaces and roadway right-of-ways shall be as detailed in Section 34-5-5.  The typical roadway cross-section shall be as detailed in Figures 3 and 4 of this Code.

  1. All disturbed areas shall be seeded in accordance with the Standard Specifications.
  2. Alleys shall be designed and constructed the same as Land Access Streets except that the minimum surface width shall be eighteen (18) feet, and curb and gutter will not be required.
  3. Cul‑de‑sacs shall have a minimum diameter of eighty (80) feet.

(C) Street Construction Standards.  All streets within the jurisdictional authority of the County other than state highways shall be improved with pavements bounded by integral concrete curbs and gutters, in accordance with the following minimum criteria:

  1. The County Engineer shall be consulted for design and construction standards pertaining to Area Service Highways and Collector Streets.
  2. The design and construction of Land Access Streets shall be according to the Standard Specifications and as detailed in Figures 3 and 4 depending on the lot sizes and average lot density.
  3. Land access streets for large lot subdivisions can be constructed, if approved by the Planning Commission, in accordance with the roadway cross section shown by attached Figure 4.  A large lot subdivision shall be defined as having a minimum lot density of one (1) lot per acre based on the total subdivided area with no lot less than three-fourths (3/4) acre in size.

(D) Utility Lines.  Underground utility lines in utility easements or rights‑of‑way shall be installed prior to the construction of such streets and alleys.

(E) Guard Rails.  The administrative officer may require the placement of metal guard rails at locations where, in his opinion, the public safety is involved. 

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