A sub­di­vider desir­ing to sub­di­vide a tract of land shall file eleven (11) copies of the pre­lim­i­nary plat with the Zon­ing Offi­cer. The appli­cant shall fur­nish addi­tion­al copies for eval­u­a­tion and com­ment by oth­er gov­ern­men­tal agen­cies and orga­ni­za­tions, as request­ed by the Plan­ning Com­mis­sion. The Zon­ing Offi­cer shall then deter­mine if the zone dis­trict classification(s) of the ter­ri­to­ry are cor­rect and that the pro­posed sub­di­vi­sion com­plies with the applic­a­ble pro­vi­sions of the Zon­ing Code. He shall then for­ward one (1) copy each to the Plan­ning Com­mis­sion and the Coun­ty Soil and Water Con­ser­va­tion Dis­trict. All fees required for the review shall be paid by the applicant.

A copy of deed to prop­er­ty shall be sub­mit­ted when fil­ing a Pre­lim­i­nary Plat. A copy of Deed Restric­tions and Covenants shall accom­pa­ny the Pre­lim­i­nary Plat. The Deed Restric­tions shall be record­ed in the Coun­ty Clerk’s Office along with the Final Plat after Final Plat has been approved.

As required by 765 ILCS Sec. 205/2, writ­ten approval from prop­er Road Author­i­ty regard­ing entrances onto State, Coun­ty, or Road Dis­trict Roads shall be sub­mit­ted with plat. Also writ­ten approval from Local Health Depart­ment regard­ing sewage dis­pos­al sys­tems for sub­di­vi­sion shall be sub­mit­ted. (Sub­di­vi­sion Plat Review Appli­ca­tion shall be completed.)

A Drainage Report shall be sub­mit­ted and shown on sep­a­rate copy of plat and signed by Reg­is­tered Pro­fes­sion­al Engi­neer and Sub­di­vider as spec­i­fied in 765 ILCS Sec. 205/2.