The final plat to be pro­vid­ed by the sub­di­vider shall meet the fol­low­ing specifications:

(A) The final plat may include all or only part of the project area por­trayed on the pre­lim­i­nary plat which has received approval.

(B) The final plat shall be drawn on new linen trac­ing cloth, mylar or oth­er mate­r­i­al or com­pa­ra­ble sta­bil­i­ty with water­ proof black ink to a scale of not more than onehun­dred (100) feet to one (1) inch; pro­vid­ed that the result­ing draw­ing is at least eight and one‑half (8 1/2) inch­es by four­teen (14) inch­es but not more than thir­ty (30) inch­es by thirty‑six (36) inch­es.  Five (5) black or blue line prints shall be pro­vid­ed by the sub­di­vider, along with the orig­i­nal mylar or linen.

(C) All dimen­sions shall be shown in feet and dec­i­mals of a foot.

(D) The final plat shall be pre­pared under the active and per­son­al direc­tion of a reg­is­tered Illi­nois Land Sur­vey­or, who shall cer­ti­fy that the plat cor­rect­ly shows the results of his sur­vey of the bound­aries and plat­ting of parcels with­in the sub­di­vi­sion.