The com­plet­ed improve­ments will not be accept­ed by the Road Dis­trict nor the Coun­ty until the devel­op­er pro­vides an affi­davit which cer­ti­fies that all sums of mon­ey due for labor, mate­r­i­al, freight, machin­ery, dam­ages, etc. have been paid.  See Fig­ure 5 for a sam­ple affi­davit.  The devel­op­er shall be respon­si­ble for main­tain­ing the com­plet­ed road­way, includ­ing seed­ing and drainage appur­te­nances, for a peri­od of one (1) year after the improve­ments are accept­ed by the Road Com­mis­sion­er or Coun­ty Engineer.