n the event a deter­mi­na­tion has been made that a tax is due and owing, through audit, assess­ment or oth­er bill sent, the tax must be paid with­in the time frame oth­er­wise indicated.

(A) Inter­est.  The Coun­ty here­by pro­vides for the amount of inter­est to be assessed on a late pay­ment, under­pay­ment, or non­pay­ment of the tax to be twelve per­cent (12%) per annum, based on a year of three hun­dred six­­ty-five (365) days and the num­ber of days elapsed.

(B) Late Fil­ing and Pay­ment Penal­ties.  If a tax return is not filed with­in the time and man­ner pro­vid­ed by the con­trol­ling tax ordi­nance, a late fil­ing penal­ty, of five per­cent (5%) of the amount of tax required to be shown as due on a return shall be imposed; and a late pay­ment penal­ty of five per­cent (5%) of the tax due shall be imposed.  If no return is filed with­in the time or man­ner pro­vid­ed by the con­trol­ling tax ordi­nance and pri­or to the Coun­ty issu­ing a notice of tax delin­quen­cy or notice of tax lia­bil­i­ty, then a fail­ure to file penal­ty shall be assessed equal to twelve per­cent (12%) of the total tax due for the applic­a­ble report­ing peri­od for which the return was required to be filed.  A late fil­ing or pay­ment penal­ty shall not apply if a fail­ure to file penal­ty is imposed by the con­trol­ling ordinance.