The Coun­ty may enter into an install­ment con­tract with the tax­pay­er for the pay­ment of tax­es under the con­trol­ling tax ordi­nance.  The local tax admin­is­tra­tor may not can­cel any install­ment con­tract so entered unless the tax­pay­er fails to pay any amount due and owing.  Upon writ­ten notice by the local tax admin­is­tra­tor that the pay­ment is thir­ty (30) days delin­quent, the tax­pay­er shall have four­teen (14) work­ing days to cure any delin­quen­cy.  If the tax­pay­er fails to cure the delin­quen­cy with­in the four­teen (14) day peri­od or fails to demon­strate good faith in restruc­tur­ing the install­ment con­tract with the local admin­is­tra­tor, the install­ment con­tract shall be can­celed with­out fur­ther notice to the taxpayer.