Any reports or files extract­ed from the Union Coun­ty Elec­tion Sys­tem will be charged the fol­low­ing rates.  Infor­ma­tion may be print­ed on either paper or labels.

Print­ed on: Paper  / Labels

(A) Coun­­ty-Wide Lists  $85.00

(B)  Vot­er Body 8.70

(C)  Vot­er Body-Zip Code Order   62.00

(D) Vot­er Body-Precinct Zip Code Order  34.00

(E) Precinct   3.45  /  5.85

The costs for an extract­ed file that is request­ed on a stor­age medi­um oth­er than paper will be charged at the same rate as a paper list.  Requests to extract data from the Elec­tion Sys­tem will be sub­mit­ted by the Coun­ty Clerk Office and the fee for the request will be col­lect­ed by the office mak­ing the request.