The Coun­ty Board does here­by require that an Affi­davit of Com­pli­ance (a copy of which attached) be com­plet­ed by any per­son desir­ing to trans­fer prop­er­ty in Union Coun­ty pri­or to said trans­fer being giv­en sta­tus of record, when in the opin­ion of the Union Coun­ty Clerk/Recorder there is doubt that said trans­fer com­plies with the Plat Act or the Union Coun­ty Sub­di­vi­sion Code.  The affi­davit shall state that the trans­fer doc­u­ment does ful­ly com­ply with the above ref­er­enced laws and ordi­nances.  Any indi­vid­ual dis­cov­ered to have inten­tion­al­ly and in a mate­ri­al­ly false way com­plet­ed said affi­davit shall be sub­ject to a fine of not less than Sev­en­­ty-Five Dol­lars ($75.00) and not more than One Thou­sand Dol­lars ($1,000.00), said fine is to be deter­mined by the Union Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers after a hear­ing at which time the offend­ing par­ty has the right to appeal.

A record­ing fee of Eigh­teen Dol­lars ($18.00) shall be charged to record said Affi­davit of Compliance.