In con­sid­er­ing appli­cants, the Mer­it Commission:

(A) May give pref­er­ence to per­sons who have hon­or­ably served in the mil­i­tary or naval ser­vices of the­Unit­ed States.

(B) May cer­ti­fy for appoint­ment as a Deputy Sher­iff more per­sons than there are vacan­cies to be filled at the time of such cer­ti­fi­ca­tion.  In such cas­es, the Sher­iff may ini­tial­ly select from this group those to fill the exist­ing vacan­cies and shall, from date of cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, as addi­tion­al vacan­cies occur, appoint oth­ers from the remain­ing group;

(C) Is autho­rized to waive one or more of the require­ments set forth here­in for appli­cants who have served in and been hon­or­ably dis­charged from any branch of the mil­i­tary ser­vice, or who have served with anoth­er Sheriff’s Depart­ment, a police depart­ment, or any oth­er law enforce­ment agency;

(D) Shall not con­sid­er an applicant’s polit­i­cal affil­i­a­tion, race, sex, or religion.