All present­ly employed Deputy Sher­iffs shall have full sta­tus under the Union Coun­ty Code cre­at­ing the Mer­it Com­mis­sion, as amend­ed, who have suc­cess­ful­ly attend­ed an approved course of instruc­tion in law enforce­ment duties, or do so with­in twelve (12) months of the effec­tive date of said Code or with­in that peri­od pass a qual­i­fy­ing exam­i­na­tion admin­is­tered by the Mer­it Com­mis­sion.  The approved course of instruc­tion is the basic police train­ing course cer­ti­fied by the Illi­nois Local Gov­ern­men­tal Law Enforce­ment Offi­cers’ Train­ing Board.