No mem­ber of the Sheriff’s Depart­ment who is under the juris­dic­tion of the Mer­it Com­mis­sion shall:

(A) Vio­late any law or statute of the­Unit­ed State or this State.

(B) Vio­late any coun­ty or munic­i­pal ordinance.

(C) Vio­late any gen­er­al orders, spe­cial orders, or rules and reg­u­la­tions of the Sheriff’s Depart­ment which are not incon­sis­tent with these Rules, Reg­u­la­tions and Procedures.

(D) Fail to obey a law­ful order.

(E) Be insub­or­di­nate to or show dis­re­spect for a supe­ri­or officer.

(F) Mis­treat a subordinate.

(G) Neglect to per­form his duties effi­cient­ly and effectively.

(H) Engage in any con­duct unbe­com­ing to a mem­ber of the Depart­ment or which tends to reflect dis­cred­it upon the Department.

(I) Leave his assign­ment with­out per­mis­sion or with­out being prop­er­ly relieved, or be absent from duty with­out leave or appro­pri­ate permission.

(J)  Will­ful­ly destroy or dam­age any Depart­ment prop­er­ty or use such prop­er­ty with­out authority.

(K) Receive, solic­it or attempt to solic­it mon­ey or any­thing of val­ue for per­form­ing or fail­ing to per­form any assigned duty.

(L) Dis­sem­i­nate or release infor­ma­tion con­cern­ing essen­tial police mat­ters except where prop­er­ly autho­rized to do so.