The offi­cers of the Mer­it Com­mis­sion shall be: Chair­man, Vice-Chair­­man and Secretary.

(A) All offi­cers shall be elect­ed by a sim­ple major­i­ty vote of the Mer­it Commission.

(B) The term of office of said offi­cers shall be two (2) years or until the term of office as a mem­ber of the Com­mis­sion shall expire, whichev­er peri­od is shorter.

(C) The Chair­man shall pre­side at all meet­ings and shall per­form all duties required of him by these Rules and Regulations.

(D) The Vice-Chair­­man shall pre­side at meet­ings in the absence or dis­abil­i­ty of the Chairman.

(E) The Sec­re­tary shall keep the min­utes and records of the Commission.