Leaves of absence with­out pay may be grant­ed by the Sher­iff with con­sent of the Mer­it Com­mis­sion fol­low­ing appli­ca­tion in writ­ing by deputy per­son­nel for any of the fol­low­ing reasons:

(A) Extend­ed ill­ness of deputy per­son­nel or some per­son in their imme­di­ate fam­i­ly for whom they must care.

(B) Extend­ed mil­i­tary or naval ser­vice of the Unit­ed States dur­ing a peri­od of nation­al emergency.

(C) Train­ing in an insti­tu­tion of high­er learning.

(D) Oth­er caus­es accept­able to the Sher­iff with con­sent of the Commission.

All leaves of absence, except for mil­i­tary ser­vice, shall be for a peri­od of one (1) year or less.  Leaves of absence with­out pay shall not be grant­ed to deputy per­son­nel in order for them to trans­fer to some gain­ful occu­pa­tion of their choice and still retain coun­ty ser­vice as a form of “insur­ance” in the event the new job proves unsat­is­fac­to­ry.  When leave of absence with­out pay is grant­ed because of ill­ness, all sick leave must be exhaust­ed before leave begins.  Deputy per­son­nel who have or have on leave of absence accept­ed a posi­tion oth­er than that for which the leave was grant­ed, with­out pri­or approval of the Sher­iff with con­sent of the Com­mis­sion, shall be deemed to have resigned as a Union Coun­ty Deputy Sher­iff.  Deputy per­son­nel who fail to return to their posi­tion on or before the expi­ra­tion date of their leave shall be deemed to have resigned.  The Sher­iff and the Com­mis­sion are the sole judges of the appro­pri­ate­ness of the rea­sons and pur­pos­es for which the leave is request­ed and they alone shall estab­lish the con­di­tions for approval of such a request.