All work per­formed under a per­mit issued by the build­ing offi­cial shall con­form to the approved appli­ca­tion and plans, and approved amend­ments there­to.  The loca­tion of all new con­struc­tion as shown on the approval plot lay­out or an approved amend­ment there­to, shall be strict­ly adhered to.  The Coun­ty Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments shall be respon­si­ble for ver­i­fy­ing con­for­mance of all approved Build­ing Per­mits oth­er than areas explic­it­ly made the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer, such as entrance require­ments and flood plain vari­ances.  Either review­ing offi­cial shall refer all vio­la­tions to the State’s Attor­ney for enforcement.