(A) No known pros­ti­tute, pro­cur­er of pros­ti­tu­tion, vagrant, or intox­i­cat­ed per­son shall be allowed to be present on or with­in the premis­es of a dance hall or road house.

(B) In order to pro­mote good order and morals, it is pro­hib­it­ed for any employ­ee or patron of a dance hall or road house to be engaged in any lewd or las­civ­i­ous act or to be unclothed in a way known as top­less, bot­tom­less or both while the facil­i­ty is in operation.

(C) No one under the age of twen­­ty-one (21) will be allowed on or with­out the premis­es while alco­hol is present, unless accom­pa­ny­ing by a par­ent, legal guardian, or prop­er adult escort.  Oth­er­wise, no one under the age of six­teen (16) shall be allowed on or with­in the premis­es, unless accom­pa­nied by a par­ent, legal guardian, or prop­er adult escort.

(D) Noise lev­els shall be such as to unrea­son­ably and need­less­ly dis­turb any of the neigh­bor­ing res­i­dences to the dance hall or road house.