Terms used in this Arti­cle, unless the con­text oth­er­wise requires, are defined as follows:

(A) Junk Yard means an estab­lish­ment or place of busi­ness which is main­tained, oper­at­ed, or used for stor­ing, keep­ing, buy­ing, or sell­ing junk, or for the main­te­nance or oper­a­tion of an auto­mo­bile grave­yard, and the term shall include garbage dumps and san­i­tary fills.

(B) Junk means old or scrap cop­per, brass, rope, rags, bat­ter­ies, paper, trash, rub­ber debris, waste, or junked, dis­man­tled or wrecked auto­mo­biles, or parts there­of, iron, steel, and oth­er old or scrap fer­rous or non­fer­rous material.

(C) Auto­mo­bile Grave­yard means any estab­lish­ment or place of busi­ness which is main­tained, used, or oper­at­ed for stor­ing, keep­ing, buy­ing or sell­ing wrecked, scrapped, ruined or dis­man­tled motor vehi­cles or motor vehi­cle parts.

(D) Scrap Pro­cess­ing Facil­i­ty means any estab­lish­ment hav­ing facil­i­ties for pro­cess­ing iron, steel, non­fer­rous scrap, min­er­al wastes or slag, and whose prin­ci­pal pro­duce is scrap iron, steel, or non­fer­rous scrap for sale for remelt­ing pur­pos­es only.