(A) All oper­a­tion of, and the con­duct of, raf­fles shall be under the super­vi­sion of a sin­gle raf­fle man­ag­er des­ig­nat­ed by the orga­ni­za­tion.  At the time the appli­ca­tion is sub­mit­ted to Union Coun­ty, the man­ag­er shall give a fideli­ty bond in the amount of the max­i­mum dol­lar amount of all raf­fle chances to be sold, as stat­ed on the appli­ca­tion, in favor of the orga­ni­za­tion con­di­tioned upon his hon­esty in the per­for­mance of his duties.

(B) The above bond require­ment may be waived upon the sig­na­ture of the organization’s pre­sid­ing offi­cer, attest­ing to a unan­i­mous vote of the mem­bers of the licensed orga­ni­za­tion waiv­ing such bond.