Ped­dler” shall mean the sell­ing, bar­ter­ing, or exchang­ing or the offer­ing for sale, barter or exchange of any tan­gi­ble per­son­al prop­er­ty upon or along the street, high­ways, or any pub­lic place of the Coun­ty or from house to house, whether at one place there­on or from place to place, from any wag­on, truck push­cart or oth­er vehi­cle or from mov­able recep­ta­cles of any kind, but shall not include the deliv­ery of any item pre­vi­ous­ly ordered or the sale of items along deliv­ery routes where the pur­chas­er has pre­vi­ous­ly request­ed the sell­er to stop and exhib­it his items.  Nor shall ped­dle be tak­en to include the solic­i­ta­tion of orders by sam­ple where the goods are not deliv­ered at the time the order is taken.