Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

7-8-3 Standards for Events

The standards applicable to the aforesaid event shall include the following, to-wit:

(A) Parking facilities, off public roadways, shall be provided to fully serve all reasonable anticipated requirements at the rate of no more than one hundred (100) passenger cars per usable acre or eighty (80) buses per usable acre.

(B) Privy construction and location shall not constitute a threat to surface of underground water pollution.  Such facilities shall be designed to fully serve all reasonable anticipated requirements at a rate of no more than one hundred (100) persons per toilet seat and one hundred (100) persons per lavatory.  Sealed containers for toilet waste are acceptable.

(C) One (1) pint of potable water per person, per hour, at the maximum estimated hourly attendance, shall be provided, and shall meet the approved water supply standard of the United States Public Health Service as applied to interstate traffic.  Internal water distribution shall meet the requirements of the State ofIllinois Plumbing Code.

(D) Internal covered storage and collection of refuse shall be provided and shall not constitute a threat to surface or underground water pollution.  A refuse disposal site approved by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health shall be provided; the premises and immediate surrounding properties shall be cleaned within forty-eight (48) hours after an event.

(E) Enclosed and roofed emergency first-aid facilities or shelters and food service arrangements including mandatory dispensing of liquids in plastic, paper or styrofoam cups, shall be provided to fully serve all reasonable anticipated requirements.  In addition, the sponsor, organizer or manager of such event shall provide one (1) ambulance at the scene for every ten thousand (10,000) peopleone (1) registered nurse for every ten thousand (10,000) peopleone (1) licensed physician for every twenty thousand (20,000) people and one (1) first-aid tent for every ten thousand (10,000) people.

(F) Amplifying equipment shall control the noise level at the perimeter of the site to no more than seventy (70) decibels on the A scale of a sound lever meter which meets the specifications of the American National Standards Institute.

(G) The site shall be provided with adequate light to illuminate the site at all times with a minimum of five (5) candle power.  All lighting shall be controlled so as not to reflect on any area beyond the boundary of such site.

(H) Public liability and property damage insurance shall be furnished by the applicant at the rate of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) per incident and Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) per occurrence.  An umbrella policy shall be provided in the following amounts:

Class 1 & 2                        $1,000,000.00

Class 3                             $2,000,000.00

Class 4                             $3,000,000.00

Class 5                             $4,000,000.00

Class 6                             $6,000,000.00

(I) Security enforcement, including prevention of the unlawful use of alcohol, narcotics, or dangerous drugs at the site, and methods for limiting the size of the proposed function to the number of participants for which the license has been granted shall be employed by the applicant.  Security enforcements shall include the external as well as the internal crowd control and sufficient security personnel for crowd control and security enforcement shall be provided.  One (1) security guard shall be furnished for each five hundred (500) persons attending any site.  Each guard shall be licensed pursuant to the requirements of 225 ILCS Sec. 446/1 et seq.

(J) At least three thousand (3,000) square feet shall be made available for each trailer or tent located at the site of the event.

(K) Applicant shall submit, with his application, proof of his financial resources sufficient to execute his plans, as submitted and shall give such further assurances as may be required by the County Board as a part of the license issued.  In addition, applicant shall submit with his application, a performance bond guaranteeing against damage to the proposed site and damage to neighboring property owners in the following amounts:

CLASS 1 & 2                                $50,000.00

Class 3                                    $100,000.00

Class 4                                    $150,000.00

Class 5                                    $200,000.00

Class 6                                    $250,000.00

(L) No entertainment activity governed hereby shall be located within five hundred (500) feet of any adjacent property line or one thousand (1,000) feet from any occupied dwelling unless:

(1) The County Board determines that the area to be specially used by the activity is adequately buffered from all resident development; or

(2) A written waiver has been filed by the County Board by owners of all adjacent property within five hundred (500) feet of the proposed activity area or the applicants of any dwelling within one thousand (1,000) feet of the proposed activity area excepting such dwelling as found by the County Board to be adequately buffered;

(3) All entertainment activities shall be discontinued at the following times:

Class 1 & 2                        Midnight

Class 3, 4, 5 & 6                11:00 P.M.

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