(A) PEG Fee Imposed.  A PEG access sup­port fee is here­by imposed on any hold­er pro­vid­ing cable ser­vice or video ser­vice in the Coun­ty in addi­tion to the fee imposed pur­suant to Sec­tion 8–2‑2(B).

(B) Amount of Fee.  The amount of the PEG access sup­port fee imposed here­by shall be one per­cent (1%) of the holder’s gross rev­enues or, if greater, the per­cent­age of gross rev­enues that incum­bent cable oper­a­tors pay to the Coun­ty or its designee for PEG access sup­port in the County.

(C) Pay­ment.  The hold­er shall pay the PEG access sup­port fee to the Coun­ty or to the enti­ty des­ig­nat­ed by the Coun­ty to man­age PEG access.  The holder’s lia­bil­i­ty for the PEG access sup­port fee shall com­mence on the date set forth in Sec­tion 8–2‑2(D).

(D) Pay­ment Due.  The pay­ment of the PEG access sup­port fee shall be due on a quar­ter­ly basis, forty-five (45) days after the close of the cal­en­dar quar­ter.  If mailed, the fee is con­sid­ered paid on the date it is post­marked.  Each pay­ment shall include a state­ment explain­ing the basis for the cal­cu­la­tion of the fee.

(E) Cred­it for Oth­er Pay­ments.  An incum­bent cable oper­a­tor that elects to ter­mi­nate an exist­ing agree­ment pur­suant to 220 ILCS 5/21–301(c) shall pay, at the time they would have been due, all mon­e­tary pay­ments for PEG access that would have been due dur­ing the remain­ing term of the agree­ment had it not been 
ter­mi­nat­ed pur­suant to that sec­tion.  All pay­ments made by an incum­bent cable oper­a­tor pur­suant to the pre­vi­ous sen­tence may be cred­it­ed against the fees that the oper­a­tor owed under Sec­tion 8–2‑3(B).