The Coun­ty, pur­suant to 220 ILCS 5/70–501(r)(1), does here­by pro­vide for a sched­ule of penal­ties for any mate­r­i­al breach of the Cable and Video Pro­tec­tion Law by cable or video providers in addi­tion to the penal­ties pro­vid­ed in the law.  The mon­e­tary penal­ties shall apply on a com­pet­i­tive­ly neu­tral basis and shall not exceed Sev­en Hun­dred Fifty Dol­lars ($750.00) for each day of the mate­r­i­al breach, and shall not exceed Twen­­ty-Five Thou­sand Dol­lars ($25,000.00) for each occur­rence of a mate­r­i­al breach per customer.

(A) Mate­r­i­al breach means any sub­stan­tial fail­ure of a cable or video provider to com­ply with ser­vice qual­i­ty and oth­er stan­dards spec­i­fied in any pro­vi­sion of the law.

(B) The Coun­ty shall give the cable or video provider writ­ten notice of any alleged mate­r­i­al breach­es of the law and allow such provider at least thir­ty (30) days from the receipt of the notice to rem­e­dy the spec­i­fied mate­r­i­al breach.

(C) A mate­r­i­al breach, for the pur­pos­es of assess­ing penal­ties, shall be deemed to occur for each day that a mate­r­i­al breach has not been reme­died by the cable or video ser­vice provider after the notice in (B).