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of Union County, Illinois.

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It shall be unlaw­ful to con­struct, place, alter, remove, or demol­ish, or to com­mence the con­struc­tion, place­ment, alter­ation, removal, or demo­li­tion of a build­ing, man­u­fac­tured home, or struc­ture with­out first fil­ing Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion with the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments and receiv­ing a for­mal writ­ten autho­riza­tion in the form of a Build­ing Per­mit.  A Per­mit shall not be required for any Illi­nois Divi­sion of Nat­ur­al Resources approved drainage, wet land, water deten­tion, or ero­sion projects.

Noth­ing in this Code shall require changes in the plans, con­struc­tion, or des­ig­nat­ed use of a build­ing or struc­ture or por­tion there­of for which a law­ful per­mit has been issued or which has been actu­al­ly begun with­in nine­ty (90) days after this Code becomes effec­tive and which entire build­ing or struc­ture shall be com­plet­ed, as autho­rized, with­in two (2) years there­after.

A Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion for a Build­ing Per­mit shall be sub­mit­ted in such form as the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments may pre­scribe.  Such appli­ca­tion shall con­tain the full names and address­es of the appli­cant and of the own­er, and, if the own­er is a cor­po­rate body, of its respon­si­ble offi­cer.  The appli­ca­tion shall also describe briefly the pro­posed work and shall give such addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion as may be required by the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments and the Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer for an intel­li­gent under­stand­ing of the work pro­posed.  Any pro­posed build­ing project that requires a new or recon­struct­ed entrance from a Coun­ty road shall include loca­tion, dimen­sions, and the size and type of drainage struc­ture to be installed.

Appli­ca­tions shall be made by the prop­er­ty owner(s), or an agent of the owner(s) con­sist­ing of lessee, archi­tect, engi­neer, or build­ing con­trac­tor employed in con­nec­tion with the pro­posed work.

Noth­ing in this Code shall pro­hib­it the fil­ing of amend­ments to a build­ing per­mit appli­ca­tion or to a plan or oth­er infor­ma­tion accom­pa­ny­ing the Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion at any time before the 
com­ple­tion of the work for which the per­mit was issued.  How­ev­er, the build­ing per­mit appli­ca­tion shall then be sub­ject to fur­ther and addi­tion­al review that could result in addi­tion­al require­ments, addi­tion­al per­mit fees, or denial of the orig­i­nal Build­ing Per­mit.  If the changes or addi­tions war­rant it, the Union Coun­ty Board may issue a new Build­ing Per­mit and require an addi­tion­al fee.

Appli­ca­tions for per­mits shall be accom­pa­nied by draw­ings of the pro­posed work, drawn to scale, show­ing when nec­es­sary, floor plans, sec­tions, ele­va­tions, struc­tur­al details, com­pu­ta­tions, and stress dia­grams, as any of the review­ing offi­cials may require.

When required by the review­ing offi­cials, there shall be sub­mit­ted a plot lay­out in a form and size des­ig­nat­ed by the review­ing offi­cials for fil­ing per­ma­nent­ly with the per­mit record, drawn to scale, with all dimen­sions, fig­ured, show­ing accu­rate­ly the size and exact loca­tion of all pro­posed new con­struc­tion and the rela­tion to oth­er exist­ing or pro­posed build­ings or struc­tures on the same lot and oth­er build­ings or struc­tures on adjoin­ing prop­er­ty with­in fif­teen (15) feet of the prop­er­ty lines.  In the case of demo­li­tion, the plot lay­out shall show the build­ings or struc­tures to be demol­ished and the build­ings or struc­tures on the same lot that are to remain.  No Union Coun­ty Offi­cial shall be respon­si­ble for estab­lish­ing or locat­ing prop­er­ty lines.  If called into ques­tion, the Per­mit appli­cant shall be respon­si­ble for locat­ing and estab­lish­ing the prop­er­ty line.

Repairs may be made with­out fil­ing an appli­ca­tion or obtain­ing a per­mit, unless such repairs amount to a “sub­stan­tial improve­ment”, the cost of which equals or exceeds fifty per­cent (50%) of the actu­al cash val­ue of the struc­ture either, (a) before the improve­ment is start­ed, or (b) if the struc­ture has been dam­aged and is being restored, before the dam­age occurred.

Each Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion shall be obtained from and sub­mit­ted to the Union Coun­ty Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments.  Once the appli­ca­tion is com­plet­ed and all request­ed mate­r­i­al is sub­mit­ted to the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments, there will be a peri­od of ten (10) busi­ness days to review the appli­ca­tion.  If changes, cor­rec­tions, or addi­tions are need­ed before the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments can approve the appli­ca­tion, there shall be an addi­tion­al peri­od of five (5) busi­ness days for addi­tion­al review of the mod­i­fied appli­ca­tion.  Once the appli­ca­tion is approved by the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments, the appli­ca­tion shall be for­ward­ed to the Union Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer for review.  Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer shall have a peri­od of ten (10) busi­ness days to review the appli­ca­tion.  If the Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer requires changes, cor­rec­tions, or addi­tions to the appli­ca­tion there shall be an addi­tion­al peri­od of five (5) busi­ness days for review once all request­ed infor­ma­tion is sub­mit­ted to the Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer.  Once the appli­ca­tion is approved by both the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments and the Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer it shall be sub­mit­ted to the Union Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers at the next reg­u­lar­ly sched­uled meet­ing for final approval.  After approval of the appli­ca­tion by the Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers are approved appli­ca­tion shall be retained by the Union Coun­ty Clerk.  The Coun­ty Clerk shall remove the Build­ing Per­mit Fee from the appli­ca­tion, that shall be sub­mit­ted as required here­in, and for­ward the fee to the Union Coun­ty Trea­sur­er.  The Coun­ty Clerk shall then return the approved orig­i­nal Appli­ca­tion to the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments.  A copy of the approved Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion will be made avail­able to the Appli­cant by the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments and it shall serve as the autho­rized Build­ing Per­mit.  If there is a Flood Plain Vari­ance request attached to the Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion and it is also approved, the Union Coun­ty Clerk will file the orig­i­nal Vari­ance and shall also sub­mit a copy of the approved vari­ance to the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments and the Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer.  The Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments should be noti­fied with­in three (3) days of approval of any build­ing per­mit by the Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers and upon noti­fi­ca­tion the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments shall with­in three (3) days noti­fy the appli­cant of such approval.  The Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments shall pro­vide a dopy of the Build­ing Per­mit to the appli­cant along with any approved Flood Plain Vari­ance.  If at any step dur­ing the process the Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion is reject­ed the rea­sons for deny­ing the appli­ca­tion shall be made in writ­ing and pre­sent­ed to the appli­cant along with a copy of the Appli­ca­tion.  Any orig­i­nal Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion that has been denied shall be kept on file by the Super­vi­sor of Assessments.

Any of the review­ing offi­cials may revoke a per­mit or approval issued in case there has been any false state­ment or mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion as to a mate­r­i­al fact in the appli­ca­tion or plans on which the per­mit or approval was based.  Any changes made to the scope, size, or loca­tion of the pro­posed build­ing or demo­li­tion with­out resub­mit­ting an appli­ca­tion to the Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments will be con­sid­ered a mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion as to mate­r­i­al fact.

No per­mit appli­ca­tion shall be approved in part with­out spe­cial autho­riza­tion from the Union Coun­ty Board of Commissioners.

No per­mit shall be issued until any bond require­ments of any affect­ed util­i­ty or oth­er enti­ty with inter­est have been prop­er­ly ful­filled.  No per­mit to remove a build­ing or struc­ture shall be issued to a non-own­er until notice has been giv­en to the own­ers in fee of prop­er­ty upon which said build­ing or struc­ture is to be removed and an oppor­tu­ni­ty has been giv­en said own­ers to be heard upon such application.