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All work per­formed under a per­mit issued by the build­ing offi­cial shall con­form to the approved appli­ca­tion and plans, and approved amend­ments there­to.  The loca­tion of all new con­struc­tion as shown on the approval plot lay­out or an approved amend­ment there­to, shall be strict­ly adhered to.  The Coun­ty Super­vi­sor of Assess­ments shall be respon­si­ble for ver­i­fy­ing con­for­mance of all approved Build­ing Per­mits oth­er than areas explic­it­ly made the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Coun­ty High­way Engi­neer, such as entrance require­ments and flood plain vari­ances.  Either review­ing offi­cial shall refer all vio­la­tions to the State’s Attor­ney for enforcement.

It shall be unlaw­ful to reduce or dimin­ish the area of a lot or plot of which a plot lay­out has been filed and has been used as the basis for a per­mit, unless a revised plot lay­out show­ing the pro­posed changed in con­di­tions shall have been filed and approved; pro­vid­ed that this shall not apply when the lot is reduced by rea­son of a street open­ing or widen­ing or oth­er pub­lic improvement.

Once the Chair­man of the Coun­ty Board, or act­ing chair­man in his absence, signs the Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion as approved the said approved appli­ca­tion shall serve as the issued Build­ing Permit.

A per­mit under which no work is com­menced with­in six (6) months after issuance shall expire.  A new per­mit in accor­dance with the pro­ce­dures and require­ments set forth here­in shall be secured before work is started.

A copy of the per­mit shall be kept on the premis­es for pub­lic inspec­tion dur­ing the pros­e­cu­tion of the work and until completion.

Any new entrance, dri­ve­way, field entrance, or road­way con­nect­ing to a Coun­ty road­way shall have a drainage struc­ture that is shown as part of either the plot lay­out or a sep­a­rate draw­ing show­ing the entrance, dri­ve­way, field entrance, or road­way giv­ing all the prop­er sizes and dimen­sions.  Any prop­er­ly sub­mit­ted and approved drainage struc­ture asso­ci­at­ed with a new entrance, dri­ve­way, or road­way shall be main­tained by the Coun­ty High­way Depart­ment.  Any unap­proved drainage struc­ture will not be main­tained by the said Depart­ment and will have to be replaced by an approved struc­ture at the cost of the prop­er­ty own­er.  Fail­ure to com­ply with these require­ments shall result in revo­ca­tion of any approved Build­ing Per­mit.  Oth­er­wise, any prop­er­ty own­er giv­en notice of their non­com­pli­ance with the con­nect­ing entrance, dri­ve­way, field entrance, or road­way require­ments shall be giv­en thir­ty (30) days to come into com­pli­ance with this pro­vi­sion and this Arti­cle, or they shall be penal­ized as set forth herein.

The Build­ing Per­mit improve­ment fee shall be cal­cu­lat­ed at a rate of Two Dol­lars ($2.00) for every One Thou­sand Dol­lars ($1,000.00)of con­struc­tion cost for con­struc­tion, place­ment, alter­ation, or improve­ment of a build­ing or struc­ture, includ­ing entrances.  There will be no improve­ment fee charged for demo­li­tion or removal of struc­tures.  There will be a fil­ing fee of Ten Dol­lars ($10.00) for each and all Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tions regard­less of the pur­pose of the appli­ca­tion.  The applicant(s) shall affix a check to the appli­ca­tion for the total amount of per­mit costs payable to theCountyTreasurer.

Vio­la­tions of this Arti­cle shall be penal­ized with a fine of Five Hun­dred Dol­lars ($500.00) for the first vio­la­tion, a fine of One Thou­sand Dol­lars ($1,000.00) for the sec­ond vio­la­tion, and for each addi­tion­al vio­la­tion there­after.  Each day a vio­la­tion exists shall con­sti­tute a sep­a­rate violation.

Any Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion for new or improved struc­tures that include restroom, kitchen, or oth­er plumb­ing facil­i­ties shall noti­fy South­ern 7 Health Depart­ment to ver­i­fy con­for­mance with san­i­tary sewage sys­tem requirements.

No Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion shall be approved that is not in accor­dance with the Coun­ty Flood Plain Code.  Those appli­cants locat­ed with­in des­ig­nat­ed flood­plains with­in the Coun­ty will be required to sub­mit a Flood­plain Vari­ance request along with the Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion.  Both the Appli­ca­tion and the Vari­ance will have to be approved by the Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers before con­struc­tion or improve­ment activ­i­ties can begin.  (See Chap­ter 14 – Coun­ty Code)

No Build­ing Per­mit Appli­ca­tion shall be approved that is in vio­la­tion of the Plat Act adopt­ed by the State of Illi­nois March 21, 1874, along with all sub­se­quent revi­sions and amendments.

All Build­ing Per­mit appli­cants are expect­ed to con­tact J.U.L.I.E. pri­or to com­menc­ing any con­struc­tion, improve­ment, or demo­li­tion activities.

(Ord. No. 2006–4; 02–06–06)