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March 25, 2019 – State’s Attorney Encourages Public to Observe Child Abuse Prevention Month during the Month of April

March 25, 2019


State’s Attorney Encourages Public to Observe
Child Abuse Prevention Month during the Month of April

JONESBORO—Beginning next week, Union County will join communities across Southern Illinois in observing Child Abuse Prevention Month.  We will kick off a number of local events on Monday, April 1, 2019 with a 9:00AM proclamation signing in front of the Union County Courthouse.

Child abuse prevention and awareness is a responsibility for all of us.  As government officials, we join educators, business leaders, human service providers, houses of faith and other organizations in standing up for the right of children to have great childhoods free from abuse and neglect.

For prosecutors and members of law enforcement, the long term effects of child abuse and neglect are something we see firsthand on a daily basis.  Far too often, the pain of a difficult childhood starts a young person down a path that leads not only to continuing the cycle of abuse but a costly lifetime of engagement with the justice system and corrections.

What if instead of arresting and prosecuting adults we had the chance to heal the hearts and stabilize the homes of young people before they ever got to that point?  Our office has worked diligently to deal with these situations on the frontend through our Victims’ Advocates and by collaborating with programs such as Juvenile Justice and Redeploy Illinois in order to turn as many individuals as possible from a darker path.

We all have a role to play in reducing child abuse and neglect.  One of the ways to get started is by wearing a blue ribbon during the month of April.  That may feel like a very small act but it’s a powerful signal to the young people around us that if they are facing abuse that we are adults they can turn to for help.

We ask that you join us on April 1 at the proclamation signing, by dressing in blue on “Wear Blue Day” on Friday, April 5 and by participating in other Child Abuse Prevention activities throughout the month of April.  Let’s stand up as a county for our children and their right to a great childhood!

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