The Hotel Operators’ Occupancy Tax Board—unofficially referred to as the Tourism Board—was established by the Board of Commissioners to develop an application process for those seeking the dollars generated by the Occupancy Tax and to make recommendations on what projects to fund.

While the Union County Board of Commissioners retains the final say on grant applications, the intention is to rely heavily on the individual expertise of the Tourism Board’s members.

Board Member

The Union County Hotel Operators’ Occupancy Tax Board is comprised of seven (7) members. Said members are appointed by the Union County Board of Commissioners for two (2) year, staggered terms, ending November 30th of each respective calendar year.

Current Board Members include:

  • President Patrick Brumleve, at-large member
  • Vice President Ken Pinnon, Owner of Pinnon Lake Cabins
  • Greg Aldridge, Shawnee Wine Trail Bed & Breakfast Association designee
  • Carol Hoffman, Executive Director of the Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau
  • Jeff Kelley, at-large member
  • David Gould, Union County Board of Commissioners designee
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