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Property Tax Payment Information

Payment Information

  • You may pay your property taxes at most Union County Banks.
  • If taxes are paid through escrow (Mortgage Company, Savings and Loan, Bank) it is your responsibility to forward the property tax bill to your agent.
  • If you have sold real estate, mail the property tax bill to the new owner.
  • The Tax Collector will not be responsible for payment on the wrong tax bill.
  • All payments made after the due date must be made at the Treasurer’s office. Banks cannot collect delinquent tax.
  • Failure to receive a tax bill will not relieve the tax payer of penalties accruing if taxes are not paid before the penalty date.
  • Interest is added at the rate of 1-1/2% per month for delinquent taxes or any fraction thereof, after penalty dates until tax is sold or forfeited. A $10.00 cost will be added for certified mail/advertising for each delinquent tax bill.
  • Be sure to enclose the 1st or 2nd installment stub to insure the proper credit.
  • The payment is void if made by a check which is not honored by the bank.
  • Check your tax bill for owner occupied and senior citizens exemptions. If you qualify, but have not received credit, call or visit the Supervisor of Assessments, 618-833-8051.
  • To change your name or address on a tax bill, call the Supervisor of Assessments at 618-833-8051.
  • The Tax Collector only collects your taxes and is not responsible for your tax assessment or the amount of tax that you are paying.
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