Hillary Hines-Holl
Public Defender

309 W Mar­ket Street, Room 113
Jones­boro, IL 62952

Phone- 618–833-9320
Fax- 618–833-9327

Office Hours: By appoint­ment only.

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Duties & Responsibilities


The Office of the Union Coun­ty Pub­lic Defend­er pro­vides legal rep­re­sen­ta­tion for indi­gent clients who are unable to obtain pri­vate coun­sel for rep­re­sen­ta­tion in spe­cif­ic mat­ters before the court in Union Coun­ty, Illinois:


Pub­lic Defend­er Ser­vices Avail­able for The Fol­low­ing Case Types:

TR-Traf­fic CM-Crim­i­nal Misdemeanor

DT-DUI CF-Crim­i­nal Felony

JD-Juve­nile Delinquency

JA-Juve­nile Adju­di­ca­tion (DCFS cas­es par­ents and children)

MH-Men­tal Health


The Pub­lic defend­er serves as defense coun­sel for defen­dants accused of var­i­ous crimes and offens­es in Union Coun­ty.  The office also rep­re­sents chil­dren and par­ent respon­dents in Juve­nile Adju­di­ca­tion cas­es, as well as dis­abled and incom­pe­tent indi­vid­u­als as court-appoint­ed guardian ad litem.